WWE to send WWE Championship title belts to Max Scherzer, Clayton Kershaw

Detroit Tigers pitcher Max Scherzer and Los Angeles Dodgers pitcher Clayton Kershaw were named the 2013 Cy Young winners in their respective leagues Wednesday night.

Upon the announcements, Major League Baseball tweeted out digital renderings of the WWE Championship, but customized to reflect Scherzer’s and Kershaw’s accomplishment.

The head honcho over in Stamford, Conn., Vince McMahon, took notice and tweeted that Scherzer and Kershaw will each be receiving the real title belt for being the two best pitchers in baseball.

WWE COO Triple H was not available to comment on whether or not this was good for business.

Scherzer and Kershaw will join Boston’s David Ortiz as recent baseball players to receive the WWE title.

Massachusetts native John Cena sent him one after the Red Sox won the World Series last month.