Diamond Dallas Page to induct Jake 'The Snake' Roberts into WWE Hall of Fame

Former WCW Champion Diamond Dallas Page will induct Jake “The Snake” Roberts into the WWE Hall of Fame April 5 in New Orleans, according to a press release that was sent out Thursday.

Page and Roberts have been friends for more than a decade as Roberts helped mentor Page about the ins and outs of the wrestling business.

Page returned the favor years later, as he helped Roberts turn his life around. A little more than a year ago, Roberts was living a life of addiction and was very poor health.

Page took it upon himself to lend his old friend and mentor a helping hand and bring him into his home in Georgia.

With the help of Page and his DDP Yoga program, Roberts’ life has taken a complete 180-degree turn and has culminated with his induction into the WWE Hall of Fame.

Despite being recently diagnosed with cancer, Roberts has vowed to be in New Orleans for the induction ceremony. Roberts underwent surgery to remove a cancerous growth in his knee Tuesday.

[h/t to PWInsider.com for the find]