Daniel Bryan talks about the politics within WWE, expresses some frustration

WWE superstar Daniel Bryan appeared on 97.9 WRGD in Grand Rapids, Michigan and talked about the politics within WWE.

Caught up in some of those politics is Bryan’s status in the main event scene in WWE. For the first time in a public forum, Bryan admitted that the entire process can be frustrating sometimes.

“They never aspired for me to be where I’m at,” Bryan said. “There are certain guys, they see somebody, and they say, ‘I see money in that guy.’ I don’t think they ever looked at me and said ‘I see money in that guy.’ To this day, even with the loud fan reactions that I get, I feel like the company still doesn’t see money in me, and that’s just interesting because you go out there and do your best, and sometimes it can be very, very frustrating.”

“This is not an objective business,” he added. “It’s not like football. If you are a running back and you go out there and get five yards every carry they are going to keep putting you in because stats don’t lie. This is not that. It is, ‘Well, he’s getting a great reaction, but is he actually selling tickets?’ And that’s the company’s bottom line is we need people who can sell tickets. I can get the crowd to react very loudly, but does that translate into people buying pay-per-views? Or, ‘Oh, I don’t think he’s very marketable, he might have a niche appeal.’”

“To me, none of that matters. I just go out there and do my best, and it has been … sometimes it’s frustrating just dealing with political type stuff because I am not a politician and I never have been. My whole career, I’m pretty easy-going. As far as being successful in WWE, that is probably my biggest downfall, actually.”

[h/t to ProWrestling.net] [Video courtesy of 97.9 WGRD]