Five observations from WWE Raw (01/13/14)

Due to some issues with my computer, I wasn’t able to post my thoughts on Raw until Tuesday night.

Hopefully, this is an isolated incident, but I had to get my two cents in on an exciting edition of Raw, which took place at the Dunkin’ Donuts Center in Providence, R.I.

Daniel Bryan turns on the Wyatt Family

By now, you know that Bryan turned on the Wyatt Family by beating the daylights out of Bray Wyatt inside the steel cage and leading one of the loudest “Yes!” chants in recent memory.

My initial thought on it was that it was cool to see the old Bryan come back even if it only was two weeks. The crowd in Providence made the segment even more special because they were so into it. The people in Providence were so emotionally invested that you would have thought Bryan was in the Wyatt Family for months. It was a truly hot ending to Raw.

The more I thought about it though, the more the whole thing felt rushed to me. Sure, it created a great moment in Providence and maybe that’s all that matters, but from a story aspect it didn’t make a whole lot of sense to turn him away from the Wyatt Family this quickly.

I don’t mind the fact that he did it. And maybe I’m being a little nit-picky, but I just would have waited until the Royal Rumble to at least get a couple more weeks out of it. If for nothing else, to make it seem more meaningful.

We haven’t gotten a promo from Bryan in weeks. He never explained why he joined the Wyatt Family, but hopefully he’ll get to explain why he joined them and eventually turned on them. This has to be explained. Once Bryan lays out his motive and thought process, then I will more than likely feel a lot better about this.

I can only complain but so much, though. It was great to see. But everything just happened way too quickly.

New Age Outlaws turn on CM Punk

The New Age Outlaws and CM Punk became chums during the last couple of weeks, as they have teamed together in multiple matches.

It looked to be more of the same Monday until the Outlaws refused a tag from CM Punk and left him hanging.

As soon as they dropped from the apron Monday, it became pretty clear why they did so: they’re old pals of Triple H.

Nothing is guaranteed in this world so a CM Punk-Triple H match down the line may not happen, but what the overarching storyline is pointing to is just that.

Personally, I would love to see it happen for a variety of reasons. Firstly, the Authority has rarely looked bad during their run. It’s not good for the rest of the roster.

There has to be some sort of way for a wrestler to get their hands on him in some way, shape or form. Since Triple H and Stephanie McMahon have stepped into that role on television, they’ve rarely looked like fools. They won’t even allow the wrestler to get one over on them on the microphone.

I can probably count the amount of times on one hand that these things have occurred. That has to come to an end because they look so much stronger than the roster. It’s not doing the wrestlers any favors. CM Punk shouldn’t have any problems with any of this.

Secondly, CM Punk and Triple H would put on a great match. CM Punk is capable of pulling a decent match out of almost anyone and Triple H is still in great shape for his age. He still has a handful of great matches left, especially with those of the talent level of CM Punk.

The only thing is that CM Punk would have to win. He absolutely would have to win. There would be no reason on earth for Triple H to beat him. He did before and it was a major mistake, in my opinion.

However, none of this would matter if WWE decides to go in another direction, and it definitely could decide to do so. A CM Punk-Triple H match is not set in stone.

Randy Orton, Big Show knocks out the elderly

WWE World Heavyweight Champion Randy Orton was upended by Kofi Kingston Monday night and snapped.

He took out his frustrations out on John Cena’s father, who was sitting in the front row. Orton will face Cena for the WWE World title at the Royal Rumble.

Orton looked like a jerk after doing such a heinous act, which falls in line with his heel character.

Earlier in the night, Big Show did the same exact thing, but yet it was OK? To be fair, Big Show knocked out Zeb Coulter, who is great at getting people to dislike him.

But Coulter did nothing to Big Show. Nothing at all. Big Show defeated Jack Swagger, chased off Antonio Cesaro and gripped up Coulter before knocking him to the ground.

One was celebrated while the other was vilified. It just didn’t make a whole of sense to me that a babyface Big Show would do something like completely unprovoked.

The Usos get a lot of television time Monday

Kind of lost in all of the hoopla surrounding Daniel Bryan and the Wyatt Family was the rub the Usos got because of it.

The Usos are on television every week and routinely put on entertaining matches, but they turned it up a notch in the opening and closing segments of Raw.

They were given an opportunity and they delivered.

John Cena, Damien Sandow have another entertaining match

The outcome may have been the same, but the way they got there was entertaining once again. Cena and Sandow put on a great match when Sandow attempted to cash in the Money in the Bank contract on Cena a couple of months ago.

Cena won, but at the moment it made Sandow look a little stronger. Monday was mostly the same as Sandow looked strong against the top guy in the company, but he once again came up on the losing end after Cena powered out of a crossface and somehow hoisted Sandow up for an Attitude Adjustment.

However, I'm afraid that Sandow will just slide back down to the mid-card after this match, much like he did when the two squared off the first time.

Side notes: NXT diva Emma was in the crowd during Raw. Will she take Kaitlyn’s spot on the main roster?… Trinity didn’t take any damage from AJ Lee and Tamina Snuka Monday and chased them off at the end of the match. Is she the next challenger for the Divas Championship?