You've heard of food trucks. How about a beer truck?

Independence Beer Garden's beer truck, May 22, 2014.

As part of developing Independence Beer Garden, whose opening on Sixth Street across from the Liberty Bell is being targeted for July 4, restaurateur Michael Schulson is having two trucks built.

One is for food.

But what caught my eye was the one for beer.

Whoa there.

This truck will not be like Mister Softee, roving the streets, playing oompah music and summoning quaffers out of their houses to the curb for pints of Dad Vail Pale Ale.

Schulson, who also owns Sampan in Washington Square West, says the IBG beer truck will be parked at events, starting May 30 at Festival Pier for Wired Fest and the May 31 Roots Picnic. (Festival Pier is adding a beer garden this summer.)

The truck will have 10 tap handles.

Both trucks will be available for hire at special occasions.

State laws allow a liquor-license holder to apply for special-occasion permits.