What's in a restaurant name? Legal issues

Buddachen in Brookline, Mass., is planning to change its name after Stephen Starr's lawyers pointed out its similarity to his Buddakan brand, as reported by the Brookline TAB.

Reminds me of the guy back in 1996 who wanted to name the Indian restaurant he was planning in Atlantic City "the Taj Mahal Indian Restaurant." Yes, Donald Trump sent him back to the drawing board.

Here's some restaurant-name trivia, from a story I did in 2003 on restaurant names: 

Rat's in Hamilton Township, N.J., was coined by J. Seward Johnson, an heir to the Johnson & Johnson fortune, a world-class sculptor and an inveterate gourmet. He named it after a character from The Wind in the Willows -- not a generic rodent.

Django, which had a nice run in Queen Village, was named after musician Django Reinhardt.  Hooters was named after the chain's significant design element.

Starr initially considered "Blue" for Buddakan. Tangerine was "Mecca." Pod initially was "Pop."