The new New Market

The shambles at Head House Square. (Michael Klein /

There have been craft fairs held over the years at the Head House Square's shambles, but nothing is similar to what Bob Logue is planning this spring and summer for the landmark along Second Street between Pine and Lombard Streets.

Logue, an owner of Bodhi Coffee and Federal Donuts, has leased the property on Fridays starting May 11 for The New Market at The Shambles. He envisions it as a gathering place for local crafts people, artisans, and food producers/farmers.

The New Market, then, is "not a craft fair," Logue said. If you're buying clothing at wholesale and reselling it, for example, Logue is not interested. But if you design and make your own clothing, you are welcome.

"Usable goods," said Logue, working with business partner Tom Henneman.

They have commitments from Robert True Ogden (lighting and home furnishings); Jeb Wood (independent foundry); Bennett Composting (composting services); Farm to City (farmers markets); Tyson Boles (architectural salvage and vintage glass); Carol Forman (photography); Love Bar Chocolate; Trinity Framing; Wash Cycle; Jeffrey Allen Designs (industrial furniture design); and Edibikes (bicycles). He is looking for more; email

Logue harkens back to his childhood in Frankford, where most of the fathers on his block were craftsmen. "Or firefighters and cops," he told me.

It will run from 3 to 9 p.m. most Fridays in May and June and every Friday from July through October. Live classical music will begin at 7:30 p.m.