Sugar Mom's named to a 'worst' list

There's cause for anguish (or jubilation) at the Old City bar Sugar Mom's.

On, under the headline "20 Worst Bars in America," which you could also call "20 Best Dive Bars in America," it's No. 6.

Blurb reads: "They have a Foosball table, ping pong, pinball, old bumper cars etc. They sell booze too! Sign us up!" and a Yelp quote reads: “There’s porn in the Men’s Room, flying penises in the Ladies Room, and I accidentally peed on someone’s iPhone. Accidentally.”

No comment from Sugar Mom's.

No. 1 is Newport Bar & Laundry in Chicago, where "the servers are rude as Hell, and the prices aren’t that cheap, but you can do laundry there! They actually have washers and dryers! Why didn’t anyone think of that sooner?"