Looking Up: Tiki bar gets its Kickstarter funding

Tommy Up and Sarah Brown turned to Kickstarter to fund a Fishtown tiki bar, an idea “a lot more out of left field than your traditional business concept.”

Fishtown will get that tiki bar after all.

Tommy Up and Sarah Brown - who contend that they ran out of money developing The Yachtsman on Frankford Avenue - have exceeded their $36,700 goal on the crowd-sourced-funding site Kickstarter.

The owners of Northern Liberties' PYT and Emmanuel promised donors assorted benefits: private parties, a name engraved on a bar stool, T-shirts, and the like.

The whole campaign raised the hackles of critics irked that Up and Brown felt obliged to panhandle. (Knowing Up, though, I can safely say the PR that it generated was worth much more.)

As of this morning, $39,295 was in the Yachtsman's account - so minus Kickstarter's cut, the two should have enough money to finish the job.

Up said July 21 is the opening date.