Phillies-Dodgers bet is paid off

Back in early October, just before the Dodgers and Phillies got down to the National League Championship Series, L.A. Councilman Tom LaBonge and Philly Councilman Curtis Jones Jr. made a friendly bet. (Jones was feeling a bit giddy, as he had won a case of Usinger's sausage from a Milwaukee alderman after the Phils beat the Brewers in the division series.)

The L.A.-Philly stakes were a case of Dodger dogs, books about L.A. history and pumpkin bread baked by a cloistered order of nuns at the Monastery of the Angels just beneath the "Hollywood" sign against a six-foot cheesesteak, books about Philly and a case of Tastykake.

LaBonge in Council w Phillies shirt
Councilman Tom LaBonge wearing a Phillies shirt in Los Angeles City Council chambers.

LaBonge went one better as the loser. He wore a Phillies shirt to a council meeting.

The food and books are on their way, LaBonge's office said last night. Jones told me he'll give the food to a homeless shelter near City Hall. The books will go to a library in each councilmanic district.

That is, assuming they're still libraries in each district after city budget cuts.