New in Chinatown: Froyo and vegetarian

i-Green is at 1028 Arch St.

Jin Gao is a proponent of healthful eating, and for his restaurant debut, he's offering frozen yogurt alongside vegetarian cooking at i-Green, which joined the Chinatown scene recently at 1028 Arch St. (267-519-2742).

All-veg menu is studded with mock meats and veg sushi, Frozen yogurt has toppings sourced to Reading Terminal Market up the street. There's bubble tea, too.

The $5.95 lunch - hot and sour soup or miso, and an entree ("chicken" and broccoli for my visit) - was an outstanding value.

It's a simple, utilitarian, shotgun-style interior, with seating and the frozen-yogurt operation in the front, with a kitchen and more seating in the rear. Electric-green color scheme had me scrambling for my Pantone wheel; I'm thinking 368.

Hours are pretty much 10 a.m. to 11 p.m. daily.

Menu (PDF) is here.