Mustache Mobile is finalist for $20,000 prize on 'Live'

Tony Baloney's Michael Hauke with Michael Strahan and Kelly Ripa.

“LIVE’s Truckin’ Amazing Cook-Off," a feature on the morning show Live with Kelly and Michael, has narrowed its field to two finalists.

Mustache Mobile - the food truck run by Mike Hauke of the Atlantic City sandwich shop Tony Boloney's - is up against What the FORK from Scranton.

Hauke's signature is the cheesesteak olé - which tucks 10-spice sirloin steak, fried onions, Jack cheese and homemade buttermilk-chipotle ranch on a roll - while the Scranton truck makes (yawn) pulled-pork tacos.

The two will be judged on Friday's show and a winner will be declared - a $20,000 prize.