Sweet feet: An edible shoe

Philly Cupcake/Philly Chocolate, the twin boutiques in Center City, are now creating edible, lifesize shoes.

The first of the series, part of the Candyland Collection and named "Candy Garden," is a replica of a Christian Louboutin, and will make its debut Sunday, Oct. 23 at a fundraiser for the kid charity Little Smiles at the Hughes Center, inside the Curtis Center at Sixth and Walnut Streets. (Details here.)

This shoe, which will retail for $225, is constructed with 72-percent dark Belgian chocolate with a layer of painted white chocolate. Nonpareils are used to create a fabric look and Jelly Belly jelly beans create a magical line around the collar of the shoe. Jelly beans are also used to create the heel and sole. The bow is constructed of white chocolate and embellished with nonpareils and sour gummy and cream pumpkins.