A Lilies reunion at Mémé

Chef David Katz, who owns Mémé at 22d and Spruce Streets, is bringing in one of his teachers and another old friend to cook dinner on March 17.

The teacher is Corbin Evans, whose name may ring a bell among foodies (BLT's Cobblefish in Manayunk, Topeka on the Parkway, Pollo Rosso in Chestnut Hill, Lilies on 12th in Wash West). Katz worked for him at Lilies and Pollo Rosso. For the last dozen years, he's been in New Orleans, where he owned and operated Lulu in the Quarter and Lulu in the Garden District Hotel -- both well-received and both destroyed during Hurricane Katrina. Also joining them will be Joe Lakavage, who worked with Evans and Katz at Lilies. (In case you're racking your brain: Lilies is where Les Bons Temps is now, on 12th Street near Sansom.)

There will be two dinner seatings -- 6 p.m. and 8:30 p.m. -- limited to 30 people each. Five-course menu has not been set but will include five courses or $55, or $70 with wine. (Res: 215-735-4900.)