WATCH: 'The Bearded Bunch' talk Philly beards

Take a short walk around Philly today, and that's all you'll need to confirm that we are very much a majestic, bearded city. In fact, we've aligned ourselves so strongly with the modern day man-mane that the 'Philly Beard'—as worn by celebrities like rapper Freeway—has become ubiquitous in the Philadelphia fashion discussion. Now, it might even bring some people to our fine city.

Just leave it to the The Bearded Bunch.

Visit Philly and Philly 360° recently put out a video featuring some of Philly's most prominent bearded fashionistas discussing—what else?—the relationship our city's men have with their chin whiskers. The result is a testament to the fact that, unlike other forms, bearded beauty runs more than skin-deep. It's a lifestyle, a statement, a sign of masculinity. 

And from Kings Rule Together founder Curran J to composer Jamaaladeen Tacuma, we get all those answers and more. The only thing the noble beard isn't, it seems, is a simple fashion accessory.