Iconic Prada Marfa building might be destroyed

Beyonce jumps for joy in front of the Prada Marfa sign. (Photo / Beyonce)

Well we know where we're booking our next trip: Marfa, Texas.

The NY Times reports that the iconic Prada "shop," which was erected along a Texas highway in 2005, is in danger of being destroyed.

The Texas Department of Transportation said the Prada Marfa store is actually an "illegal outdoor advertising sign," because it's emblazoned with the Italian fashion house's logo. The cool, adorable structure- ironically- violates the 1965 Highway Beautification Act.

The 15 ft. by 25 ft. adobe building located smack in the center of the Chihuahuan desert was designed by Michael Elmgreen and Ingar Dragse- the artists permitted by Miuccia Parada herself to use her company's emblem for the project.

The structure, which cost $80,000 to create, was paid for the New York-based non-profit, Art Production Fund, along with contemporary art gallery Ballroom Marfa.

“If they want to remove it because of bureaucracy, we tear it down,” Elmgreen tells the Times. “And then we can say that one of the quite well-known permanent artworks–that hasn’t cost taxpayers anything and that has been elected one of the most-worth-seeing roadside attractions in the States–is no longer.”

Which if this is the case, we find no reason to visit Marfa, Texas, any longer.