Dom Brown alters offseason routine to increase durability

(David Maialetti/Staff Photographer)

The Phillies will hold the first full squad workout of the 2014 season today.

Everyone in camp is optimistic, which isn’t a surprise - every player on every team is upbeat in mid-February, when all things are possible.

But then April rolls around and reality sets in. The reality of the 2013 season: of the 8 projected regulars in the everyday lineup just 3 of them started 100 or more games.

Michael Young started 118 games, Chase Utley started 124 games and Domonic Brown led the team with 131 starts.

Brown was the bright spot in an otherwise dull season for the offense. He hit 27 home runs and made the National All-Star team.

But the season didn’t end anywhere near as well as it started for Brown. He started just 38 of the 66 games the Phillies played after the All-Star break after battling concussion symptoms (in July) and knee issues (in September).

Brown is vowing to have a healthy 2014 season, however, after changing his offseason routine a bit this winter.

“I was getting a lot of tissue work. … I worked with a chiropractor,” Brown said. “I feel great.”

Brown lives in Florida all winter and takes advantage of his proximity to the Phillies spring facilities by working on his craft throughout the offseason. He just mixed it up a bit in an effort to stay on the field more.

“I never had to work with a chiropractor or anything like that,” Brown said. “I just think I’m getting a little older now, so I’m staying on top of that stuff. Getting the deep tissue massages. My hips, they go off quick - I don’t know if it’s all the torque from hitting - but I have to stay on top of that. I feel great.”

Brown will continue to get similar treatment throughout the season, he said.

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