DeSean fans can now see him twice a year vs. Eagles

Former Eagles wide receiver DeSean Jackson. (Ron Cortes/Staff file photo)

The Eagles' secondary now faces a new challenge -- two games a year against DeSean Jackson.

Jackson's Twitter account and his publicist, Denise White, reported a deal between the Eagles' former three-time Pro Bowl wideout and the Washington Redskins, late Tuesday night at the end of Jackson's second day in Washington. The deal is believed to be for three years and $24 million, with $16 million guaranteed. ESPN's Adam Schefter said Jackson will make $8 million this season.

The quick courting and agreement seemed to undercut the seriousness of last Friday's report alleging Jackson had ties to the Crips, something Jackson denied in a statement issued after he was released by the Eagles -- the release coming only minutes after the report was posted on the internet.

Clearly, the Redskins aren't that worried about Jackson's associations. reporter Jeff Darlington tweeted that he got a text from Washington quarterback Robert Griffin III that read: "Yeaaaaaaaaaaa."

The Eagles haven't commented beyond the 25-word statement announcing Jackson's release, but if he is productive in the Redskins' offense, and stays out of trouble with new Washington coach Jay Gruden, allowing a 27-year-old star coming off a career year of 82 catches and 1,332 yards to got to a division rival, with no compensation owed, has the potential to haunt Eagles management for some time.

This all places a huge onus on Eagles coach Chip Kelly, to keep his team ahead of the Redskins and to run his offense as productively as he ran it last season with Jackson stretching the field. Clearly, it was Kelly who decided he didn't want to put up with Jackson's attitude, and Kelly fans will question the most if Jackson prospers while the Eagles falter.

Jackson joins the Redskins almost four years to the day after the April 4, 2010 trade of Donovan McNabb to Washington.

Jackson ranks fourth in franchise history in receiving yards, 6,117, in just 87 Eagles games.