An unscientific competitive advantage analysis between Drew Brees and Nick Foles

Saints quarterback Drew Brees and Eagles quarterback Nick Foles. (AP file photos)

The Eagles will take on the Saints this Saturday night in the first round of the playoffs, and while Drew Brees and Nick Foles seem like completely different QBs, you may be surprised to learn they have quite a bit in common. We take an unscientific look at which QB has the advantage. 

1) They're both #9

Foles and Brees both wear the #9. There are actually a fair amount of cromulent NFC quarterbacks who wear the #9, but who wears it best?

I'd rank them like this:

1) Foles

2) Brees

3) Romo

4) Upside-down Cutler

5) Stafford

Advantage: Foles

2) Nicknames

Nick Foles has a great nickname:

But Drew Brees gives out nicknames to everybody.

Advantage: Brees

3) High school career

Brees and Foles both went to Westlake High School in Texas. They were 10 years apart there, but put up remarkably close numbers (via Alex Smith of

Both QBs went to the state title game. Brees went in 1996, and won:

Foles went in 1996, and lost (via Jay Janner of the Austin American-Statesman) 

Look at the beard on that kid in the background to the right. What is he, 18? I'm 36, and couldn't grow a beard like that if it took me a year. 

Westlake's school records can be found here. Apparently, MLB closer Huston Street was a heck of a defensive back in high school, and Stephen King was a tackling machine.

Advantage: Brees

4) Favorite foods

According to Les Bowen (via the Eagles' media guide), Foles' favorite food is fried catfish.

Brees' favorite food, according to head coach Sean Peyton, is beefy mac.

Advantage: Brees

5) Special skill when taking a big hit

Brees' neck can expand to double its length when being clotheslined.

Foles can complete passes left-handed while being blasted.

Advantage: Foles

So there you have it. Unscientific for sure, but Brees wins, 3-2.