Be a Hot Mom

We settled in for a little chat with one of the hottest moms in Hollywood. Jessica Denay, celebrity mom and author of "The Hot Mom to Be Handbook," not only has hosted star-studded baby showers for dozens of celebrities including, Trista Sutter, Alison Sweeney, Angie Everhart and Brooke and Charlie Sheen, she also has some hot ideas for gifts for the hip mom in your life.

"Giving Mom time to herself, is the greatest gift you can give to a mother," says Jessica.  Because moms are always constantly changing diapers and kissing boo-boos, they rarely find a moment to lavish time and energy on themselves.  This Mothers' Day, the best gift to give a Mom is to watch the kids so she can have time to pamper herself instead of shopping for Pampers!

Jessica Denay and her son, 9-year-old Gabriel.

Gift certificates for an afternoon at the spa are always popular, as are restaurant certificates for a night out on the town with her girlfriends.  Offering mom a few hours to herself, or drawing her a luxurious, uninterrupted bath (-- recommended with lavender candles) also make for great gift ideas.  For the little ones, crafting a coupon booklet for Mommy, featuring coupons for free massages, room-cleaning sessions and quiet time, which is sure to be received with lots of hugs and kisses!  After all, Jessica reminds us, "Little things go a long way."

For new expecting or new moms, Jessica also recommends gifts for the baby.  Charm bracelets and engraved necklaces are sweet and sophisticated, an accent to the Hot Mom's favorite accessory - her baby!  For the practical mom, a posh basket of organic baby products are also a delightful gift, saving them the time and energy invested in a Whole Foods run!Last but not least, look no further than your nearest bookstore for the perfect present -- The Hot Mom to Be Handbook!  Jessica shares her personal mommy-guru advice in the book, on how to avoid McSteamy or McDreamy ob-gyns, creating decoy baby names and coping with Dad's "Post-Party" Depression, along with a "Bump on a Budget" section featuring money-saving tips that won't cramp your style.  Along with being a fun, functional read, The Hot Mom to Be Handbook will also score you extra brownie points.  After all, what mom can resist being labeled a "Hot Mom" by their hot spouse?

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And remember, "You have to make your life bright, or you'll lose the shine for your kids!"