Sixers' bigs will have hands full on defensive glass

The last time the Sixers faced the Pistons, Detroit dominated the boards on their end of the court, grabbing 16 offensive rebounds compared with the Sixers' 35 defensive rebounds. Detroit enters tonight's game with the most OREBs in the NBA, a fact that is certainly aided by their lackluster shooting percentage. After all, more missed shots equals more opportunities to rebound those shots. But even when you account for the Pistons' field goal percentage, they are still the NBA's most formidable team on the offensive glass. Against the Sixers on Dec. 1, they missed 64 field goals and free throws and rebounded 16 of them, a conversion rate of 25 percent. That's right in line with their season average of 25.63 percent of all missed shots rebounded, the highest mark in the NBA (ahead of Portland's 24.99 percent). The Sixers rank 20th at 20.81 percent of their missed shots rebounded. 

The Sixers have been one of the most succeptible teams on the defensive glass this season, with opponents rebounding 22.28 percent of their own misses. That's the ninth-highest percentage in the league. 

Compounding their difficulties will be the absence of Lavoy Allen, whose sore calf will keep him on the sidelines tonight, although the team thinks the injury might not be as servere as first feared. 

Tonight's lineup:

Evan Turner F

Thad Young F

Spencer Hawes C

James Anderson G

Michael Carter Williams G

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