Sixers and NBA predictions


Sixers' record: 38-44.

Andre Iguodala’s scoring: 22.3.

Lou Williams’ assists: 5.7.

East final four: Cleveland, Orlando, Boston, Atlanta.

West final four: L.A. Lakers, San Antonio, Portland, Utah.

NBA Finals: Lakers over Cavaliers.

Coach of the Year: Mike Woodson.

MVP: LeBron James.

Rookie of the Year: Jonny Flynn.


Sixers' record: 42-40

Igoudala’s scoring avg.: 17.7

Lou Williams’ assists avg.: 4.3

East final four: Orlando, Cleveland, Boston, Chicago

West final four: LA Lakers, San Antonio, Denver, Dallas

NBA Finals: Lakers over Cleveland

League MVP: LeBron James

Coach of the Year: George Karl

Rookie of the Year: Blake Griffin


Sixers' record 41-41

Igoudala's scoring avg. 17

Williams' assists avg. 5

East final four Magic, Celtics, Cavs, Bulls

West final four Lakers, Spurs, Nuggets, Blazers

NBA Finals: Winner over loser Magic over Lakers

League MVP: Dwight Howard

Coach of the Year Stan Van Gundy

Rookie of the Year Blake Griffin