Gentlemen, Start Your Engines

Can Elton Brand draw double-teams and co-exist with Samuel Dalembert? (Jesse D. Garrabrant / NBAE / Getty Images)

The 76ers are heading for training camp at Penn State, where workouts begin Tuesday morning. I know coach Maurice Cheeks has a laundry list of things he'll be looking for. And I have mine.

I'm ready to see . . .

Elton  Brand draw double-teams, even in scrimmages.

Perimeter players, including--especially--Andre Iguodala make open shots.

Kareem Rush make shots, because that is precisely what he has been signed to do.

Royal Ivey show the toughness and defense he was known for in Atlanta and Milwaukee.

Samuel Dalembert and Brand co-exist in the paint.

Thaddeus Young stake his claim to the small forward spot.

Aaron McKie resume his coaching career. I believe in second chances. And I believe McKie is a solid addition to the staff.

Jeff Ruland offer thoughts and suggestions to Dalembert, Brand, Marreese Speights, etc. Ruland was an effective big man in the league because he knew how to play, not because he could run fast and jump high.

Somebody, anybody, be as impressive in camp as Kevin Ollie was last year.