Which rookies will have the biggest impact this year?

Philadelphia Eagles rookie linebacker Mychal Kendricks runs a drill. (AP Photo/Rich Schultz)

During a live chat, Eagles fans wanted to the know the latest about the team's rookies, Vick's health, and more. Here are a few of the best questions from the chat. Join us Monday at noon for a live chat with Eagles broadcasting legend Merrill Reese.

Which rookies will have the biggest impact this year? (from Sean Vliet)

JR: Mychal Kendricks is going to most likely start at strongside linebacker, so he's likely to have the most impact. Fletcher Cox and Vinny Curry will likely see significant time in the D-line rotation. But for pure fun, watch for punt return candidate Cliff Harris and kick returner Brandon Boykin.

What have Vick and the Eagles done to reduce the susceptibility of Vick to injury during the season? Game planning? Strength and conditioning? Is the Eagles' success solely dependent on a healthy Vick or will the backup QBs be able to step in for him? (from Thrazobb)

JR: The Eagles' success absolutely depends upon a healthy Vick. The backups can't match everything Vick does for the team. The coaches want to keep Vick in the pocket--though he often gets hurt there--but the key is quick decision-making. Offensive Line coach Howard Mudd says he wants Vick to know on each play who will be unblocked and to get the ball out to that gap in the defense. The hope is to reduce the hits Vick takes, much like Mudd's former quarterback Peyton Manning in Indy.

What is your take on Brandon Boykin? (from Kevin)

JR: Special Teams coach Bobby April talked about Boykin Tuesday, noting how successful he was in college as a kickoff returner. He also won the Paul Hornung Award at Georgia, given to the nation's most versatile player. During rookie camp, he's getting a lot of reps and looking good, but things can change when the vets arrive.

Do the Eagles expect Danny Watkins to have a better season? (from Jim P.)

JR: The team expects significant improvement from Watkins. Yesterday, Mudd raved about how Watkins' self-evaluation at the end of last season was spot-on and that Watkins seemed to know exactly what he needed to do to get better. Mudd seemed excited about what's ahead for the second-year guard.