Eagles training camp 2013: Chip Kelly couldn't care less about time of possession

If an opposing offense is using up most of the play clock before they snap the ball, Chip Kelly doesn't feel like his defensive players will be more tired, just because they happen to be standing on the field longer.

 "You’re not exerting any energy if you’re just standing in the huddle," said Kelly. "If it’s drastically different and teams are getting 80 snaps against our defense and we’re putting 50 snaps against them offensively then it’s an issue.

“They’re not on the field longer. In the last game I think it was 86-65." (Note: It was 69-58). "If we’re doing things the way we’re supposed to be doing on offense, we need to teach our defense how to stand around better.”

Time of possession? Meh.

Chip Kelly has no use for time of possession. Kelly is more concerned with the number of plays run. "It’s about plays run," said Kelly. "I’ve heard the question about time of possession. Time of possession is ‘How much time can the other team waste?’ Most games we lose the time of possession, but it’s how many snaps do you face? In both [preseason] games we’ve played, we played more snaps than the other team."

Kelly then cited an example from his college days that he has talked about a number of times. "We played a game against UCLA a couple years ago, where the time of possession was 40 to 20. They had 20 more minutes of time of possession and had 73-71 in snaps, so they had 2 more snaps. We won 60-13. So all I gathered was that they stand around a lot more than we do."

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