Happy retirement, Viola!

One of the puppy-raisers in our club, Jordan Ortiz, knows first-hand the vital mission of a Seeing Eye dog. That's because Jordan, a 2011 Rowan University graduate, makes use of a guide dog herself. Jordan, who lost her eyesight to illness as a child, was profiled along with fellow puppy-raiser Danielle Larsen in an article by The Inquirer's Kevin Riordan last April shortly before the young women graduated from Rowan.

When she went forward to receive her diploma in May, Jordan was accompanied by her adorable golden retriever, Viola, who had been at her side since freshman year. (Viola appeared in a post last summer, with two pups at a Camden Riversharks game.)  Last month, Viola officially retired with a party at the local puppy-club meeting. And Jordan left this week for Morristown, N.J., to train with her next dog.  It's no vacation: It's hard work!

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Viola, the guide dog who led puppy-raiser Jordan Ortiz to a degree at Rowan University, embarks on her own new career: A happy retirement as a beloved family pet.

While Viola now gets her well-deserved retirement as a family pet, Jordan will soon be returning with her new dog. We're certainly looking forward to seeing them at the meetings and on our outings!

As Sparkle enters her last few months at our house and prepares to go back to the Seeing Eye for training,  there's no greater reminder of the noble mission ahead.  Jordan and Viola, you are our inspiration! 

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