Her master's voice

I've been having fun with my new Philly Tablet  the last few weeks and was demonstrating it at the kitchen table the other evening to my oldest daughter, who is thinking of buying one.

While I was playing the most recent Puppy Steps video to show her what the Arnova Android tablet could do,  Sparkle was sacked out in the living room.  When the video reached the part where I threw the stick to Sparkle as she splashed in the pond, my voice came through crystal-clear: "Sparkle! tchk, tchk... "

Sparkle immediately jumped up from her slumber, thumping her tail, thinking we were headed out on a spur-of-the-moment adventure. I, of course, gave her an "as you were" signal. The tablet audio must be pretty good; it sure got Sparkle's attention from a bit of a distance. I haven't used a lot of the features yet, such as the camera or the word-processing program, but I'm pretty excited about  the tablet's convenience and ease of use.  It may be just the thing for following this fast-moving puppy as well as catching up on my newspaper reading.

Sparkle's response to the tablet reminds me, too, of dogs I've had who have watched TV.  During the Westminster Kennel Club show, one of our dogs once raced up to the TV set and actually sniffed at the rear end of the dog that was being trotted out for judging. We burst out in amazed laughter. After that, I've had absolutely no doubt that dogs can watch (and understand) television. 

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