The Schuylkill 16 2010-11: Week 11

Call it a hunch, but I don't see the top line changing much for the rest of the season...

1. Villanova, 12 points (12 first-place votes)
- "If there is any doubt who is the most dominant team in this fair City, Saturday's game answered the call." (Ralph Manoppello)
- "Congratulations Kroger, you've moved to the top of the Delta pledge class." (Andrew Melloh) 

2. Temple, 35 points
- "Temple's fans must have lost their Cherry this week in Ohio. The losses are mounting. Bet they cant wait for La Salle and St. Joe's for a few wins." (Patrick Flannery)

Yeah, he said that about Xavier. It's about now that I remember I should note that all comments are the views of the commenters.

3. Penn State, 51 points
- "Amazing that a team could lose to Maine and still be ranked 2nd on any sort of ballot." (Andrew Melloh)
"It seems that Penn State responds in the inverse to where I vote them. If I put them last, they'll knock off two ranked opponents, and if I put them near the top, they won't get a win that week. Sorry, Wisconsin." (Brian Ewart)

4. Drexel, 63 points
- "18 points in a half. Are you kidding me. Was that an A-10 game?" (Patrick Flannery)

5. Princeton, 77 points
- "Did anyone notice that Princeton played a D-III team (College of New Jersey) last weekend and managed to win by 23? What the hell is Princeton playing down three levels ... oops, I forgot, the Ivy League isn't a real D-1 league anyway!"

You know, there once was a time not all that long ago when Harvard and Yale beat Boston College, and Princeton beat Rutgers. Oh, all those happened this season? At least Princeton didn't lose to the Division III school this time around. 

6. Rutgers, 81 points
- "What have I done? Rutgers shouldn't be ranked third at anything except maybe a ranking of highest-undergraduate cholesterol levels - thanks, Fat Darryl." (Brian Ewart)

7. Bucknell, 85 points
- "Winners of 12 out of 13. Is there another team in the S16 clicking like Bucknell?" (Jon Solomon) 

8. Delaware, 100 points

9. La Salle, 111 points
- "La Salle's biggest headline for the week was a transfer student 'getting a little' in a park in Nebraska. Kinda feel sorry for the kid. Maybe if the rest of the team kept their adreneline flowing more, they'd be a little better!" (Ralph Manoppello)

We are just full of euphemisms today, aren't we.

10. Penn, 112 points

- "Penn gets a 2 from me this week for pounding the Hawks. Phil must love the mystique of Hawk Hill. Wonder how 'Hawk Talk' went this week." (Patrick Flannery)

11. Rider, 114 points

12. Lehigh, 128 points
- "Only 498 people showed up to watch Lehigh lose to Colgate. I think there were more people in my high school graduating class." (Stephen Goldsmith)

13. Lafayette, 147 points

14. Saint Joseph's, 166 points
- "Obviously we've got real talent in C,J. and Ron-Ron, but my goodness we are struggling in the last five minutes of each half. I do hear though that the new university President has some ideas for our on ball defense... " (Carl Minniti)

15. Delaware State, 171 points

16. Monmouth 179 points


15. Providence
- "For snapping a 17 game Big East losing streak by knocking off Louisville." (Patrick Flannery)

Notre Dame, no rank given
- "For their win against Pitt. The Iron City Brew went down easy in Indiana that night." (Patrick Flannery)

Comment of the week from Ralph Manoppello

I have loved the Big 5 for many years. I felt sorry for Drexel, at times, because I felt they should be included in the excitement. I also felt bad when everyone wanted to kick Villanova out after the National Championship. Yes it was Rollie's fault.

But today, for the first time ever, Villanova should not be a part of the Big 5 or 6. The Big 5 now drags them down with sub-standard teams like SJU and La Salle. Next year, let's refer to the City schools as Villanova plus the other five.

Am I a Nova snob? You bet your life.

At least he's honest.