The Anti-Spectacle of the Week

So the Readership Survey voting turnout was really low. Temple won the poll for the first time ever, tallying 112 votes out of 479 votes cast.

In honor of my being annoyed at the low turnout, I'm doing something different for this week's Spectacle of the Week poll. There are a lot of famous rivalry games going on this weekend, and a lot of the teams involved are having bad or mediocre seasons.

So you tell me (there's that phrase again) what the worst rivalry game of this weekend is. That means all the local games are out, as is Yale at Harvard. Nor can you vote for Texas Tech at Oklahoma, a game that actually matters.

There also aren't any new photos in the Fan Photo Gallery, so I can't do a Fan Photo of the Week contest this week.

I know gets criticized a lot out there in the blogosphere for all the comments and photos and stuff that people think will make the site actually seem cool. But this fan photo thing is my doing alone, and it's something I really want to see succeed.

So if you took photos at Tuesday's Penn-Drexel or Florida State-La Salle games, or last night's Niagara-Villanova game, or whatever, please send them in.


What's the Anti-Spectacle of the Week?

Also, if you see this post before 9 p.m., I'm spending the evening hanging out at Storming the Floor's liveblog of Duke-Southern Illinois. There won't be any blogging tomorrow, but I'm hoping to do a chat on here Saturday afternoon. There'll be plenty of basketball and football to talk about.

Have a great weekend.