Oh, Princess Chunk

The ongoing saga of the 44-pound male/female/male cat continues to astound. This morning, intrepid local reporters were unable to interview the fat feline. That's because the cat was making the rounds of national gabfests in Manhattan even as her gender and name were up for debate. Soon, we imagine, agents will be hired, one for commericals and print modeling, the other for acting.

One minute he was Captain Chunk, the next she was Princess Chunky, a glorious name if there ever was one.

The next he was Powder, an altogether nice name but without the thundering implications.

Who can't love a story about a cat so fat its gender can't be determined?

The cat has been deemed one of the first victim's of the housing crisis, surfacing in a Camden County animal shelter after the owner, a senior citizen, lost her home due to foreclosure. Fat cats hold a special place in our heart. No one sets out of have a large pet, sometimes they just happen. One minute, you're taking care of a tiny itty, bitty adorable kitten. A few months later she's auditioning for Wagner.

The vet tells you there's a reason. Perhaps the ernomous one is Maine Coon, and genetics intended her to be a heavy weight.

But, really, what does anyone really know of a feline's love life? Unlike dogs, they're not bred for beauty or to keep the gene pool in rarefied circles, the sort of arrangements once arranged solely for royalty. Cats embraced diversity long before humans. Adopt a kitten, there's no telling what you'll get in the cat.

In our case, a very fat one. Not on the level of Captain Chunk/Princess Chunky/Powder, two pounds shy of the Guiness record, but large enough to make floorboards shutter.

In the dark, it was once hard to determine whether a small child or very large pet was entering the bedroom to snuggle. The cat was put on a regime of diet food, one that is likely to last the rest of her days.

We wish the best to Chunky Powder and his owner though a few lingering questions remain. Did the cat literally eat the owner out of house and home? Or is that size due to a normal diet and freak genetics?