With #CatBand, cats are instruments too, now

Sometimes, when you’ve had a hard day, the only thing you can do to unwind when you get home is throw on some Sergio Flores or Blues traveler and play your cat like an instrument. With #CatBand, you now can know you’re not alone in your feline musicality pursuits. In fact, you are especially not alone in Philadelphia, where the trend apparently was invented thanks to Julie Malone of JuliePeach.

While cathartic, the true beauty of #CatBand is the seemingly endless array of instruments for which cats can stand in. You name it—piano, maracas, ukulele—and a cat’s body can more or less approximate the feel of the instrument. Felines are, as #CatBand proves, infinitely adaptable creatures.

They also suffer us foolish humans well, with nary a featured cat looking too uncomfortable acting as, say, John Popper’s mouth harp or a particularly well-played jazz flute. But, then, you can decide for yourself.

Below, some of our favorite #CatBand sessions:

Sexy Sax


Metal lead guitar