Pet liposuction exists and it’s not what you think

pretty woman in sunglasses with small chihuahua
In the era of designer babies and pink poodles, doggie liposuction doesn’t sound quite so far-fetched. (iStock)

In the era of 'designer' babies and painted poodles, doggie liposuction doesn’t sound quite so far-fetched. Why not shave a few pounds off your sedentary pooch, right?

Well, thankfully, not exactly.

Though the relatively new and increasingly popular procedure is referred to as liposuction, Fox 8 Cleveland reports that pet liposuction is used to improve a pet’s health rather than its appearance. 

Liposuction non-invasively removes fat from lipomas, fatty, under-the-skin lumps that usually grow on old and overweight dogs. If gone unchecked, lipomas may grow overtime and eventually impede pet movement.

An alternative to a major surgery requiring 30 stitches, liposuction reduces the recovery time and anesthesia needed to treat the pet. 

Fox 8 reports that pet liposuction and other advanced, non-evasive procedures are being performed at Animal Clinic Northview in Northeast Ohio, bringing pet owners from around the country to the clinic. 

Thanks to pet liposuction, your dog can live more comfortably and, depending on how the size of the mass, maybe more svelte, too.