Lentil the Dog celebrates first birthday with, what else, doggy cake

Once in a great while, an animal comes along that is so adorable, so inspiring, that they become part of not only a city’s identity, but the internet at large. Lentil the dog is one of those animals, and it is his first birthday. Celebrate with him, won’t you? 

Having began his life fed through a tube, the cleft-palated French bulldog pup appears to be in the highest spirits and best health judging from his appearance this morning on Fox 29. The little dude kicked off his birthday celebration with a Fox Fursday segment, complete with doggy birthday cake from Just Dogs and Cats—even though his actual birthday was this past Super Bowl Sunday. 

Fit and just as cute as a year ago, Lentil now acts as an “ambassadog” for both animals and humans with cleft palates. His owner, Lindsay Condefer, has helped Lentil to raise awareness about the topic through work with organizations like the Children’s Cranialfacial Organization, which shares Lentil’s story to inspire acceptance and confidence in affected children. 

All that to say, Lentil is a full-blown internet hero, the likes of which is rarely seen. The bonus, of course, being that one year later, he’s still going strong.

Regularly seen, though? Lentil’s apparent passion for bone-shaped cakes. I mean, just look at him get that thing.