Today's Top Picks: Oct. 18, 2016

A nonunion electrical contractor who traded punches with labor leader John "Johnny Doc" Dougherty has filed a racketeering lawsuit. Joshua Keesee, who says Dougherty broke his nose in the January fight, claims developers have refused to hire him to avoid antagonizing Dougherty. The suit contends that Dougherty, who also faces a federal criminal investigation, has a reputation for being "combative and for intimidating political, business and labor rivals." Read more
Prosecutors want former state Attorney General Kathleen Kane to receive a prison sentence for her perjury conviction, asking a judge in a court filing to impose a "significant and stiff sentence." Kane's attorneys have requested that she be sentenced to house arrest so she can care for her two sons. Kane, who is scheduled to be sentenced next week, faces up to 12 to 24 years in prison for orchestrating and illegal leak of secret grand jury materials and lying about it. Read more
Jean and Ric Edelman are donating $25 million to Rowan University – the second-largest gift in the school's history – so their alma mater can create a museum, visitor center and more at the popular Fossil Park. The site is a rich source of dinosaur-era fossils, mostly of marine creatures, and school groups flock to the site. "The best way to encourage students to enter science and engineering is to get them excited about it," Ric Edelman said. "You can dig into the dirt yourself and find your own dinosaurs." Read more
Philadelphia officials are rebutting Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump's continued claims that voter-fraud threatens to rig the Nov. 8 election. "The real threat to the integrity of elections in Philadelphia isn't voter fraud, though it does rarely occur," said Al Schmidt, a Republican city commissioner. "And it isn't even Russian hackers, though they may certainly exist. The real threat to the integrity of elections is irresponsible accusations that undermine confidence in the electoral process." Read more
Mike McQueary's whistle-blower case against Pennsylvania State University opened Monday, with lawyers for the school accusing the former assistant football coach of "exploiting the tragedy caused by Jerry Sandusky for financial gain." McQueary claims Penn State defamed him after he emerged as the key witness in the case against three administrators accused of covering up Sandusky's sexual abuse of children. "McQueary is under fire for not doing anything to stop the alleged rape," university lawyer Nancy Conrad told jurors. "He was a 28-year-old of good health and strong build, and he simply walked away? McQueary failed to act like a responsible human being." Read more
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