The top 15 'Sugar Daddy' colleges

College is expensive, and many students are graduating with massive amounts of debt.

That's why, dating website says, more female students are getting into relationships with "sugar daddies" to pay for expenses. SeekingArrangement, which has been described as "a down-and-dirty marketplace where older moneyed men and cute young women engage in brutally frank transactions," has ranked colleges based on the number of "sugar babies" who have used the site. 

The list of the top 15 universities includes two schools from Pennsylvania:

1. New York University
2. Temple University
3. Georgia State University
4. Kent State University
5. Arizona State University
6. University of Georgia
7. University of Houston
8. Florida State University
9. University of Wisconsin, Milwaukee
10. University of South Florida
11. Michigan State University
12. Alabama University
13. Tulane University
14. Penn State University
15. Ohio University