Reader suggestions: 13 more streets with strange names

Last week, we looked at 13 streets with strange names in and near Philadelphia. We asked for your suggestions, too, and you delivered. Several of you noted Skidoo Street in East Falls. You pointed out a road that shares a name with former Mayor John Street, and another with his brother Milton. And some of your suggestions are just fun to say. So here are 13 more weird street names from around the region, from your comments and emails:

1. Street Road (another one, this time in Chester County)
2. Skidoo Street
3. Cowpath Road
4. John Street 
5. Milton Street
6. Second Street Pike
7. Easy Street
8. Axe Factory Road
9. Shackamaxon Street
10. Indian Queen Lane 
11. Wingohocking Street
12. Lindisfarne Avenue
13. Shamokin Street

See the original post, with a gallery of the 13 streets, here.