What a staff at Temple


I thought I would take this opportunity to bring to light all the hard work and dedication that our staff puts into the success of the Temple basketball program.

The head coach is the one who gets most of the attention as we go about our seasons and our careers. The reality is that, like most things in life, you need great help that includes efficient and effective preparation. The assistant coaches do so many things in so many different areas that people may not recognize. For example, they very closely monitor our student athletes academically. They also plan the practices and prepare for the upcoming opponents.

This week we are playing La Salle for the second time this season. Dave Duke will serve as the scout coach for that game. He will do the requisite work that we need in terms of preparing our team offensively and defensively to make sure we are ready for the Explorers. Matt Langel and Shawn Trice do the same when it is their scout. All of the film work is put together by Dwayne Killings. Jeff Wilson then takes the administrative work out of the hands of the head coach. They do so much of the work and get such little recognition.

I just wanted to take the time publically, to say thanks to them, and to all of those assistant coaches in all of the basketball programs around the country who do not get the recognition they deserve.

Go Owls!