Will.i.am, Kowalczyk sing for Obama, Rob Reiner here for Hillary

Below are shots of Black Eyed Peas leader will.i.am performing with Live frontman Ed Kowalczyk at Friday night's Barack Obama rally outside the Independence Visitor Center and because it's cute, Congressman Chaka Fattah dancing with his daughter Chandler during the rally. Both pictures are courtesy of John Taggart/JohnTaggart.com.

Meanwhile, on the Hillary Clinton front, actor/director Rob Reiner accompanied Gov. Rendell and Chelsea Clinton for a tour through the Gayborhood last night. The gang was set to visit Bump, Tavern on Camac, Sisters and Woody's. They skipped the Bike Stop. Maybe they were worried that Reiner and Rendell, big bears they are, would have caused too much of a commotion at the leather bar. Reiner had spent a portion of the day Friday doing private Clinton events in the Philadelphia area and today is traveling with Sen. Clinton throughout the state.