Why are we writing about hate-filled restaurant blogger Staph Meal? Good question

There have been days when I wished I didn't have an editor so I could say exactly what I wanted, without worrying about pesky libel issues or about crossing the line of civility.

Joshua Scott Albert doesn't worry about any of that. For the past three months, the 25-year-old North Carolina native has been lobbing hand grenades at some of the city's most prominent restaurateurs, and whether they admit it or not, getting under their skin.

On his website StaphMeal.com, he has attacked restaurateurs Georges Perrier, whose legal threat led the formerly anonymous blogger to identify himself; Stephen Starr; Marc Vetri (whose stutter Albert mocks relentlessly); Chris Scarduzio; and Valerie Safran and Marcie Turney, owners of Barbuzzo, where I met the blogger last week for an interview.

But now, because Albert spends three nights a week camped outside City Hall as part of Occupy Philly, he has turned his venom on city Managing Director Richard Negrin, who he believes is "an enemy of the movement who has been lying to the press and that's pretty foul."

Albert wasn't satisfied with calling the man a liar. Instead he wrote a despicable post about a Negrin family tragedy, which led me to ask my editors why we were giving this a------ any attention at all.

Here's the rest of our Staph Meal story.