Shop owner psyched over Pat's Steaks shout out on 'Mad Men'

On Sunday’s episode of “Mad Men,” Betty Draper’s father Gene holds a big paper bag in the air and proclaims “We went to Pat’s Steaks,” when he arrives at the New York home of Betty and ad exec husband Don Draper.

As we learned last season on the AMC hit series, Betty Draper comes from the Main Line, so it is not a stretch to think the Pat’s that was referenced is Pat’s King of Steaks, founded in 1940 by Pat Olivieri, who is credited as having co-invented the cheesesteak with his brother Harry Olivieri. Harry's grandson Frank Olivieri, Jr., freaked out yesterday when we told him of the namedrop.

Betty Draper of "Mad Men," a Main Line native and Bryn Mawr college graduate.

“It’s my favorite show in the world,” Olivieri said, who planned to catch the episode on his iPod last night. “It’s an honor for them to reference my family’s restaurant and a cheesesteak,” Olivieri said. On the show, Betty’s father said he had brought a “half” for one of the kids and also said he’d gotten a “chicken parmesan.” Olivieri said yesterday that in 1963, when the show is set, that they did sell half-size steaks, for 35 cents, while wholes were 55 cents, but they never had chicken parm at 9th and Wharton, but they did offer it at another Pat’s Steaks at 33rd and Ridge.

"Yes, it is the famous Pat's and they made a special trip there before heading up to NY to see Betty," AMC spokeswoman Olivia Dupuis confirmed Tuesday morning.

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