Maureen Faulkner, widow of slain officer, mourns Joey Vento

Maureen Faulkner, widow of slain Police Officer Daniel Faulkner, talked to us last night about the death of Geno's Steaks owner Joey Vento.

Faulkner recalled his generosity in the wake of tragedies. She said last night she was "heartbroken" over Vento's death.

"He was the most kind, loving, good man anyone would have ever met," an emotional Faulkner said from her California home. "He always wore Danny shirts in the shop. A lot of Danny's friends and I would go into the shop and talk about what kind of person Danny was."

"Without a doubt, the generosity he showed toward fallen officers' families was beyond philanthropic," Philadelphia Police spokesman Lt. Ray Evers told the Daily News. "He was one of, if not our biggest supporter. He came through every time."

Radio veteran Jerry Blavat recalled stopping for a cheesesteak with Vento about 6 a.m. on Sundays on the way home from his Margate club, Memories.

"He just might have been the last American who believed in the values that he grew up with in South Philadelphia," Blavat told the Daily News. "I'm gonna miss him. It's very sad."

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