MTV starlet posed nude for Girls of Philly

Long before local gal Brianna Frost was cast on MTV’s “The Girls of Hedsor Hall,” in which American bad girls learn to become ladies in an English finishing school, she posed nude on Girls of Philly, fans of the website have passed along. Frost, 21, is from Reading, but studied at one of the local Penn State campuses, and poses in a Penn State sweatshirt on the site, later in a Phillies shirt, a Brian Westbrook Eagles jersey and later nude. You can sneak a peek at Frost on the front page of Girls of Philly, which as you can imagine is not suitable for work, but you must join to see the nude pics.

UPDATE: Looks like Frost fans can see a lot more of her if they desire. She just e-mailed us asking why we didn't plug her new web site and included a picture that we can't post here due to's "no nipples" policy. If we get a more suitable one, we'll throw it up here.

ANOTHER UPDATE: Brianna Frost can be seen spitting on her boobs and briefly masturbating to Rihanna's "Disturbia" in a webcam video posted on "Don't link directly to porn," is another rule which is why there is no link, but if you go to that site and search Brianna Frost, you'll find it. This tip comes courtesy of PhillyGossip loyalist SteakWith, who was banned as a commenter but resurfaced as Commandor SW, whose account is now under review. As we mentioned yesterday, Frost was upset that we mentioned  Girls of Philly and not her  new site, so in fairness, you can see much, much more of Frost here.