Kidd Chris to start online show in May

Kidd Chris says he'll launch an Internet radio show at at the end of May.

Next week, the Web site relaunches with audio and links. Chris says the only way people will ever hear his show the way he wants them to is to run it online anyway. He was fired in May after a guest performed a racist song.

Speaking of Kidd Chris, 'YSP staffer Tommy Avallone, known as Rock Hard Killa on the show, premieres his new film, "Community College," which he wrote, directed and co-stars in, at 8 p.m. Wednesday at the Trocadeo (1003 Arch). Comedian Rev. Bob Levy hosts the screening. Admission - $5 at the door - is only for those 18 and older. Levy has a cameo in the film about four friends who fear their favorite bar is about to close. Scotty Schwartz from "A Christmas Story," and "The Toy" appears in the film, as do Rich Cronin from LFO and VH1's "Mission: Man Band," and Michael Ray Bower, who played Donkey Lips on Nickelodeon's "Salute Your Shorts." Click here for more info.