Kane to Obama camp: Interview will be big cause 'I'll be involved'

If Sen. Barack Obama wants "super wide play" in Pennsylvania, he should turn to Larry Kane. So said the KYW NewsRadio 1060 contributor and CN8 host himself, in an e-mail to an Obama representative who, accidentally, sent his reply, and the entire exchange, to the list of reporters who receive Obama campaign missives. Kane requested "a 15-minute one on one," with Obama, which he assures "will get super wide play because I'll be involved." Obama spokesman Matthew Lehrich quickly e-mailed the press list asking people to ignore the note, but reporters were already forwarding it to each other, mocking Kane's boast. Kane was good-natured about it yesterday, calling the campaign blunder "An oops that could have happened to any of us." When we told him he was being mocked by other reporters, Kane said, "If people want to think like that, they're small." He said his point was that the radio station has a large audience. "And it will," Kane says about the huge play he has assured the Obama camp that his interview would merit.