Jose Canseco sends twin to Celebrity Boxing match in his place

Jose Canseco pulled the old switcheroo Saturday, sending his twin brother Ozzie in his place to fight in a Celebrity Boxing event at the Seminole Hard Rock in Florida, according to promoter Damon Feldman.

Feldman says he already paid the bad boy of baseball and "Celebrity Apprentice" castmate $5,000 for the fight and that Ozzie Canseco pretended to be Jose and demanded the remainder of his purse, $5,000 in cash, refusing Feldman's offer of a check. "Jose" aka Ozzie refused to fight without the money.

Feldman says Ozzie, who enjoyed a brief MLB career himself, was only outed after a photographer noticed that he was missing a tattoo on his arm that Jose has.

Late Saturday night, Jose posted on Twitter: "Be very careful with Damon Feldman who runs Celebrity Boxing he will not pay you if you fight for him." But a text message that Jose sent to Feldman on Sunday seems to back up Feldman's story. "If u pay my brother the 5k I will fight for u again and handle all the media that is calling me. And make u look good if not well ur on ur own," said the message sent from Canseco's cell.

Jose Canseco did not return a voicemail or text seeking comment Sunday.

Jose appeared in this area in two previous Feldman boxing events, fighting 94 WYSP's Danny Bonaduce and NBC10's Vai Sikahema.

Ozzie Canseco is reported to have appeared at autograph shows and other paid public events in the past posing as his more famous, more talented brother.

We were unable to reach Ozzie for comment.

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