Jonesy off air (again) at 100.3 The Beat

Jonesy is no longer hosting mornings on 100.3 the Beat.

The radio station had syndicated her show, based from New York's Hot 97, since January, but is now playing a mix of music in a show called "The Morning Beat."


Jonesy was dumped by Hot 97 on July 3, but was still heard on The Beat through Monday's show. She was off-air yesterday and has been removed from the station's Web site. Jonesy, aka Tarsha Jones, aka Miss Jones, did not return requests for comment yesterday, and calls to Radio One, which owns The Beat, were not returned yesterday.

There is nothing related to her absence from The Beat posted on her website.

UPDATE: Still no word from Jonesy, but Elroy R.C. Smith, operations manager for Radio One Philadelphia got in touch this afternoon with a comment. "I would like to wish Ms. Jones and her team all the best. Until further notice or until we find that undeniable morning show, we are moving in a more music direction "The Morning Beat." This is another way of us responding to the primary need of the young audience that music is the star,” Smith wrote.