Jill Scott shouts-out former Daily News reporter

Soulful songbird Jill Scott gave a shout-out to her friend Mister Mann Frisby during an interview Tuesday on Steve Harvey's syndicated morning show, heard here on 105.3 (WDAS-FM).

Scott and fiance Lil' John Roberts, her Philly-raised drummer, are about to have their first baby, and Harvey asked if she was going to name the baby something odd, citing singers like Erykah Badu who have chosen unusual names for their children. Deciding to tease a friend who has an unusual name of his own, Scott told Harvey she was thinking about "Frisby, or maybe Mister, or maybe Mister Frisby."

Frisby, a former Daily News reporter now living in Los Angeles, says that he was awakened at 5:45 a.m. by an East Coast friend calling with the news and that he started getting texts from other friends seconds later.

While working here, Frisby, who turns 34 today, was one of the first people to write about Scott, and the pair remain close friends. Frisby, author of "Holla Back, But Listen First: A Life Guide for Young Adults," assures that she was only kidding about naming the baby after him.