Diane Sawyer tapes Camden hookers, says they're in Philly

We always get a bum rap. Diane Sawyer's two-hour special "Prostitution in America: Working Girls Speak"on ABC Friday covered Camden prostitutes and referred to the city simply as "outside Philadelphia."

One reference in the piece said that the coverage was in Philadelphia. Sure, it's a few miles from Center City, but the piece never mentioned Camden or the state of New Jersey. Some footage was taped two years ago for a piece that never ran. It was rushed to air after the scandal of former New York Gov. Eliot Spitzer renewed ABC's interest in the world's oldest profession.

"The program described Camden, N.J., as 'outside Philadelphia' because, as the closest major city, we felt it would give our national audience a better understanding of the location," an ABC spokeswoman said yesterday. "At one point during the two-hour program, we did say that we were 'back in the streets of Philadelphia,' which was an error that we apologize for."