'Black Swan' boosts sales for PA Ballet's 'Swan Lake'

The Pennsylvania Ballet can't directly attribute the brisk ticket sales for its production of "Swan Lake" to the popularity of the film "Black Swan," but a ballet spokeswoman suspects that the movie has helped.

"Swan Lake," which runs March 3-12 at the Academy of Music, is selling "really well," says Marissa Montenegro, public- relations manager for the ballet. " 'Black Swan' is putting ballet on the tips of people's tongues and attracting people who hadn't previously thought of ballet, which is great," she said.

Lauren Fadeley

Lauren Fadeley was one of 14 Pennsylvania Ballet dancers featured in "Black Swan," and she will play the role of Odette/Odile that Natalie Portman played in the dark Darren Aronofsky thriller nominated for five Academy Awards.

In September, when Aronofsky spoke at the Philadelphia Film Festival's opening-night screening of his film, he thanked the Pennsylvania Ballet dancers who appeared in the film. We asked Montenegro if the film encouraged the company to stage "Swan Lake" but she said that Roy Kaiser, the ballet's artistic director, had scheduled the show several years ago.

For tickets, visit paballet.org or call 215-893-1999.

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