Arlen Specter had planned on stand-up comedy show in November

Among those who will miss Arlen Specter are his comedy buddies.

The longtime U.S. Senator, who died of cancer Sunday at 82, released a statement while hospitalized recently that he looked forward to getting back on the stand-up comedy stage.

He was booked to perform Nov. 16 at the Media Theatre with 94 WIP's Big Daddy Graham and Joe Conklin.

Graham recalls the first time he worked with Specter at the Phoenixville Theater a couple years back. "I had never met him, but had interviewed him a lot on the air. I was sitting in the green room waiting to go on," Graham said.

"And he came into the room all by himself and said to me 'I hear you are battling cancer," said Graham, who was in treatment for throat cancer at the time.   "And we talked for about 20 minutes. Then I realized how he managed to survive in his line of work as long as he did.  Personal contact,"  said Graham, adding that Specter went out on stage that night "And killed.

Embedded here is a video of Specter performing at Caroline's in New York.